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Spring Lacrosse 2018 Practice Schedule
by posted 03/07/2018

Hello everyone,

We have received several inquiries regarding the days and times for the spring practices.  The new foot of snow arriving today may delay our start but we typically begin by end of March-early April.  We will follow up once fields open.  Also the end time of 7:30 listed is ambitious early in the season due to some early sunsets.  Lastly, the girls practice in Medway and the Boys will all be at HHS this season. 

> TUES: u15 & u11 6-7:30 Medway    
> WED: U9 & u13 6-7:30      
> THUR: u15 & u11 6-7:30      
> FRI: u13   6-7:30      
U15 Wed/Fri 6-7:30 Kamitian    
U13 Tues/Thurs 6-7:30 Kamitian/HHS Middle
U11 Tues /Thurs 6-7:30 HHS Middle/Kamitian
U9 Wed/Fri 6-7:30 HHS front    
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Winter sessions -Holliston Youth Lacrosse
by posted 01/29/2018

Hello HYLA families,

It is time for Lacrosse.  We have secured some field space for preseason practices at John Smiths in Milford.  These practices are included in your registration cost and are voluntary.  We hope you can attend to reconnect with your teams and shake off the rust prior to the season.  Days and times will vary depending on your team and we may add some additional time as we get closer to the start of the season. 

02/05/2018 Mon  5 to 6 U15B Select Tryouts
02/05/2018 Mon  6 to 7 U15G
02/06/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U13B
02/12/2018 Mon 5 to 6 U15B
02/12/2018 Mon 6 to 7 U11G
02/13/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U11B
02/19/2018 Mon 5 to 6 U13G
02/19/2018 Mon 6 to 7 U11G
02/20/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U11B
02/20/2018 Tues 7 to 8 U15G
02/26/2018 Mon 5 to 6 U9 B&G
02/26/2018 Mon 6 to 7 U11G
02/27/2018 Tues 5 to 6 U13G
02/27/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U11B
03/06/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U11G
03/06/2018 Tues 7 to 8 U13B
03/19/2018 Mon 5 to 6 U9 B&G
03/19/2018 Mon 6 to 7  U13G
03/20/2018 Tues 5 to 6 U13B
03/20/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U15G
03/20/2018 Tues 7 to 8  U15B
03/26/2018 Mon 5 to 6 U9 B&G
03/26/2018 Mon 6 to 7 U13G
03/27/2018 Tues 5 to 6 U13B
03/27/2018 Tues 6 to 7 U15G
03/27/2018 Tues 7 to 8 U15B
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About Holliston Youth Lacrosse
by Chris Baker posted 08/19/2014

About Holliston Youth Lacrosse

On this website you will find information on all things Holliston Lacrosse. Like links to online registration , contacts, news, events, team pages, photos, etc as well as information regarding the sport of lacrosse including rules, camps and clinics, club teams, and training aides.

Holliston Lacrosse currently offers programs for both Boys and Girls. Players are placed on teams based upon grade:

  • Rising Stars - Grade K
  • Lightning (U9) - Grades 1 & 2
  • Bantum (U11) - Grades 3 & 4
  • Juniors (U13) - Grades 5 & 6
  • Seniors (U15) - Grades 7 & 8
  • HS Boys
  • HS Girls

*more details and tentative practice/game schedules located under 'Program Summary'.

We also support the HHS Lacrosse Teams via use of our website, communication, equipment needs, and fundraising.

We are glad you are interested in playing lacrosse and  hope you enjoy your time spent learning how to play this Native American sport.  We encourage you all to check out the ABOUT tab on the left and read our Vision/Mission/Values statements and learn more about the game.

Holliston Lacrosse chooses to  "HONOR THE GAME"  here which means we will show respect to our teammates, opponents, and officials, and mostly to have fun. Whether you win or lose, you will learn to compete, make some lasting friendships, and can state that you play THE FASTEST GAME ON TWO FEET!

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